British manufacturer was planning to revive the old model Jaguar XKSS

New York – In order to continue to exist, automotive manufacturers are always presenting new and fresh products. But sometimes, the manufacturer can also reap a profit by generating more old school model car that became a legend.

For example, Jaguar. British manufacturer was planning to revive the old model Jaguar XKSS their hero. Arguably this is the first supercar in the world. The announcement stated by Jaguar in the New York International Auto Show in 2016.

Reported by CNN on Monday (3/28/2016), Jaguar XKSS first entered production on February 12, 1957 in the factory Coventry, England.

The car will be produced as many as 25 units, but the fire that occurred at the factory to stop the production. A total of 9 chassis of Jaguar XKSS were burned at the time.

In the absence of spare parts and the obstacles are many, Jaguar decided to resign. In total there are only 16 units produced XKSS. One of them is owned by the actor and racer Steve McQueen.

Now, almost 60 years have passed, Jaguar middle ‘awaken’ returned 9 chassis of the car torpor. So there will be chassis number 17 onwards

However, Chairman of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Classic, Tim Hannig said to ‘awaken’ re a classic car brings its own challenges. Moreover, the car is now made in a different era. Every detail was considered to make the car look remains the same.
“We had a few cars in the laboratory for two weeks and they are totally different. Even though there is the same car, but the right side is not the same with the left. That’s because the car is made in a different era,” said Tim.

For Jaguar, making back XKSS like a beacon for their company. Through the project ‘generation’ of the car, Jaguar wanted to show that no one understands the car as they were.